The best rental locations in Malaga

Malaga is becoming an amazing location for people who want to rent houses or apartments. In comparison to the rest of Spain, it’s one of the most popular places in Spain to have a rental, be it on a short term or long term basis. But, in spite of its popularity, many still don’t know the best locations to rent since it’s such a big place, and would take a lot of exploring- just to find the best place to rent. Not only that, it would take way too much time that you most likely don’t have. However, there are many ways to find out where the best areas are for renting a house or apartment in Malaga.

malaga-rentalsWhy pay an awful lot for a hotel, if you know what you’re looking for in a rental? Many of the best places to rent in Malaga depend on what you’re actually looking to do while on holiday there. For example, Malaga City itself is a great place if you’re looking to take in the areas culture, history and arts. Specifically, there’s Malagueta, a district that’s well within walking distance of all of Malaga City’s major historical landmarks. It’s also popular among tourists due to this, as well as it’s beachfront and how close it is to an international seaport; so, you can fly in and out in a luxurious seaplane. However, Malagueta might be too busy of a district for many families; luckily, there’s another close district that’s one of the best places to rent in Malaga if you happen to have kids. Named El Palo, it has many of the same amenities of Malagueta, it also has more beaches and is a lot quieter. Luckily- it’s also close enough to Malagueta to spend a day over there while traveling back to El Palo that night. Because of that, it’s a lot more popular with families who have young children, or people who just want to have quiet time on the beach for themselves.

But what about shopping in Malaga? Well, Malagueta would also be the best district by far, encompassing many of the shopping streets famous across Europe. It’s close proximity to the city centre means that every major shopping hub in Malaga is well within walking distance, although, not nearly as close as if you were staying in the city centre itself. Malaga city centre may not have many houses for rent, due to the lack of space, but it features some of the most luxurious apartments for rent across the entire region. Due to the constant tourism, many apartments for rent in Malaga have been upgraded extensively to ensure that they’re kept to a high standard year round. Renting an apartment in Malaga city centre means you’re extremely close to many of the regions key attractions. However, this does have its drawbacks; being a bustling economic hub for the region, it can be quite busy, especially during the peak tourism season.

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As we mentioned, finding the best place to rent a house or apartment in Malaga depends on your needs and what you want to do for your holiday. However- our opinion is that, El Palo, Malagueta and Malaga city centre rank some of the best districts to rent in Malaga by most standards.